Monday, 17 February 2014

JLW's New Bag

When Jola needed a new bag for nursery I tried really hard to find one on Etsy; I like supporting other people's handmade businesses.  I found one, but it was going to cost nearly $30 to ship, which made it much too pricey!  I had recently pinned a tutorial on Pinterest so decided to give it a go.  It's this one here by the Ribbon Retreat.  It's a really straightforward tutorial with easy to follow instructions and pictures.

As it's quite a simple design it was pretty easy to add some additional touches so I made a few changes:
- I added a couple of inches to the side panel pieces to make it wider.
- I added an elasticated front pocket, with velcro fastening and button decoration.
- I added piping to the main body seam.
- I machine stitched initials onto the front.

Changes I didn't make but should have done:
- I shouldn't have bothered with the piping; I'm not very good at it!
- I should have brought the straps closer together at the top as they currently sit too wide to stay on my toddler's shoulders.

I am definitely going to try another one in the future now that I've learnt some lessons for this one!