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When I was about 13 I was invited to 'the' party of the year.  I wanted to wear something special - not a show-stopping party piece (I'm not that kind of girl but kind of wish I was sometimes) but something that no-one else had and other girls might ask, "Oo, where'd you get that?".  I'd watched my mum at the sewing machine as she whipped up dresses for me and my sister and on one occasion casually agree to make 15 bridesmaids dresses for a friend.  I remember she always made us our special occasion outfits so I thought I'd give it a go.  To cut a long story (and skirt) short, I did go to the party in an outfit that I made, although had to avoid sitting, eating, drinking, quick movements and at the end of the evening I had to cut myself out of it.

Fast forward 24 (ok, 27) years and thankfully I've improved!  I've whipped up outfits and done my fair share of bridesmaids dresses for friends.  And since having a little girl in September 2011, I've embarked on a whole new adventure of making!  And it's been so much fun!  So when she was about 6 months old I decided to sign myself up for a stall at a new craft market in town.  

I needed a name.  Big Tree Little Moose came about after much deliberation and conversation.  I won't bore you with the reasons, but if you know my family you'll understand!

So Big Tree Little Moose is me!  I'm Clara.  I live in Lewes with my husband Ben and my little girl, and my sunshine, who I'll refer to as little J.  I work as a youth project co-ordinator 3.5 days a week and the rest of the time I sew, play, chat, make, cook, eat and now blog!  You can find me at craft fairs - either selling or (most probably) buying - and I also have a growing Etsy shop that I'd love you to visit!


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