Project Queue

My creative to do list!

Tillie's Mathilde Blouse - at a recent Patchwork Dog and Basket sale I bought some gorgeous fabrics with this blouse in mind.  I'm really hoping for a break in other activity soon so I can get going!  Oh, and I need to buy the pattern, which would be a good place to start.

talk2thetree's easy and cheap dress - I've got a number of these dresses pinned to both online and actual boards and yet still haven't got round to making one.  I just need to remember to buy a vest next time I'm in town!

A few months ago I started this knitted hoodie for Jola.  It's called the Storybook Baby Hoodie and it's knitted flat, in garter stitch and looks pretty straightforward.  Just what I need!  I'm following the pattern for age 2.  She's 2 next month.  Better hurry up!

A knitted winter bonnet.  Not for me, for the little one.  Something like SamQ's Toddler Bonnet.  Need to finish the hoddie first.  I could lose hours on Ravelry.

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