As a maker, and now blogger, it fills my heart with totally stupid amounts of joy when someone totally independent from me or my family and friends refers to something I've made or done.  And I'm not just talking about when I search Pinterest to see if I've been pinned.  Although that does make me skip too!  I was keeping a little record for myself of when this has happened and it occurred to me that I should do that here!  

Check out Big Tree Little Moose mentions:
  • Over a few days last summer I had a sudden surge in interest in my custom cloth books for babies and upon investigation I found this blog that had listed my book in their top 7 books for babies!
  • Another mention on's recommendations for Personalized Kids Books.
  • Hannah from Make, Do & Push visited my stall at the K&A Pop Up Vintage Fair in Lewes and wrote about it here and has featured me as a mummy in her weekly 'What's In Your Changing Bag?' bit.
Etsy Treasuries:
And here are some other blogs or other web pages that I reckon are worth checking out:
  • Head over to for foodiness and loveliness from Chloe.  Great ideas for feeding your family.  I went to her Supper Club in June and would highly recommend you get a ticket to the next one.  Absolutely deeeelish!
  • Vintage inspired stationery, crafts and workshops from my lovely friend Michelle at Owl and Slipper.
  • Blog and beautiful crochet creations from my crafty pal Sarah-Louise from Lapin Blu.
  • Becky B blends two of my favourite things - Liberty print and baby accessories - over at Magnificent Stanley.

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  1. Aw you're so loverly chick! I just found this and it made me smile :0) xx