Monday, 27 May 2013

Cider and Castles

I always panic when the sun comes out. You know that panic you get when you really feel like you should be outside making the most of the sunshine but can't think of anything to do? And I live in Lewes...castle, river, gardens, parks, duck pond, outdoor swimming pool, rolling countryside. Yet I still panic. So whenever I do something worth doing I'm going to share it here! In case I need a reminder, or for anyone else who gets that feeling too.

Well, Monday was a belter. Plans had already been made with my parents for a picnic and then a visit for a cuddle with a new baby within the extended urban family. Welcome lovely little Leonie! We love you already! Anyway, my mum is the picnic queen and Monday was no exception; cider, asparagus parcels, merguez sausages, carrot salad, eggs mimosa, cheese and fresh bread. And she took us to Bramber Castle.

If you like 1066 and all that, you'll like Bramber Castle. The ruins of the Norman castle sit on top of a hill overlooking the River Adur. On your way up you're greeted by the practically monolithic remains of the gatehouse. The health and safety officer inside me quivered a little, but fortunately the rest of me (the better bit) appreciated the brilliance and history of it. Spread out over a large and lush plateau, there are other ruins to explore and historical information, thanks to English Heritage. We sat and enjoyed the view and our picnic, while Jola ran round and round and round. And round. She had a ball!

Good on a warm sunny day for picnicking and running around, as well as learning and exploring a little Norman history. Not so good if it's not warm and you want to fill a whole day.

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